"Back bowl" - a bowl that comes to rest beyond the Jack.

“Be Up” – means – dont be short – short bowls are wasted bowls. 

“Bias” – the “weighted” or “small button” side of the bowl. 

"Blocker" - a bowl placed strategically short of the head to block the path of subsequent bowls.

“Burned End” – the jack has been knocked out of bounds. The end is not counted and played again. 

“Draw a Shot” – bowl so as to finish with the closest bowl to the Jack. 

“End” – bowling to the opposite end of the green is called one end, returning is another end.

  • The number of ends played decided by the tournament committee. 

“Grass” – direction line the bowl takes in order for it to curve or bend in to the Jack at the finish of its run. 

“Hand” – the side on which the bowl is delivered – either the forehand or the back hand. 

“Head” – the bowls that are grouped around the jack. 

“Jack” – that white ball against which all bowlers wish their bowl will lie when it comes to rest. 

"Lead" - the person who starts off the play. Also places the Mat and rolls the Jack if their team “has the mat”.

"Length" - a good length is a bowl, bowled with the right amount of weight to reach the head in a perfect position.

"Mat" - the actual mat, that is placed by the team winning the last end, to start the next end.

  • This is also known as having the Mat.
  • The team with the mat always rolls the Jack.

"Line" - the curved line or track a bowl takes to reach the head.

  • A good line will curcve and reach the head, a bad line will not.

“Narrow” – sometimes called tight, means that you did not take enough grass, or start the bowl out far enough from the center line to the jack. 

“Rink” – the normal rink is a 15 foot wide area running from one end to the opposite end. 

“Shot Bowl” – the bowl lying closest to the jack. 

“Take the Green” – a warning from a skip to a player who is delivering his bowls at a wrong angle to correct his fault by increasing the angle of delivery. 

“Toucher” - a bowl which has hit the jack between the time of its delivery and its coming completely to rest.

  • The bowl remains in play even if it goes into the ditch within the confines of the rink.
  • It should be marked with chalk for recognition as a toucher. 

“Weight” – the amount of power applied in delivering the bowl.

  • Heavy weight means that the bowl stops further than desired.
  • Light weight means that it stops short of the spot desired. 

” Wide” – you started the bowl too far out from the center line to jack – took too much grass.

"Wick" - when a bowl glances off (or bounces) another bowl hopefully to the advantage of the bowler.


Finally : "Apart from line and length your first bowl was perfect!"  :-)